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Dragon Boat Festival in Weinuoer

PostTime:2017/5/29     Views:929

Dragon Boat Festival in Weinuoer


Dragon Boat Festival is Chinese traditional festival, in the fifth lunar month. On this day, people will make a traditional food, called zongzi, which is made of rice. Dragon boat racing is also the signature event on Dragon Boat Festival.

On 28th May, our vice general manager Ms King prepares the traditional food zongzi for all members in Weinuoer. Most of us come from other provinces and cant have a dinner with family at this moment. However, Weinuoer is a big family to everyone here. We share the happiness and best wishes with each other.



Picture 1. Ms King(Left) shares zongzi with our member.


Picture 2. Factory belle receives zongzi.


Picture 3. A member with ten years experience in Weinuoer shares her happiness with us


Picture 4. Our new members celebrate their first Dragon Boat Festival in Weinuoer.


Picture 5. The sales department is happy to receive the zongzi.

 Weinuoer wishes all our members happy Dragon Boat Festival. And hope we can work hard and have a better future.

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